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Climbers and Garlands

Twisting ivy, creeping philodendron, trailing hops; our collection of realistic artificial climbers and flower garlands adds a stunning dose of natural charm to homes and displays. Whether you want to add some natural beauty to your interiors, or are creating floral arrangements for a big event, our garlands and climbers create a rich, flourishing look.

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  • artificial-hops-garland

    6.5ft Artificial Hops Garland /Vine – Decorative Hop Leaves & Foliage

    £13.99 excl. Vat
  • 200cm Artificial Green Ivy Garland

    6.5ft Artificial Ivy Garland – Green Poison Ivy Garland

    £3.99 excl. Vat
  • artificial-ivy-garland-variegated

    6.5ft Artificial Ivy Garland – Variegated Green

    £2.99 excl. Vat
  • 544-2

    6ft Artificial Asparagus Fern Garland

    £6.99 excl. Vat
  • 516-1

    6ft Artificial Decorative Boxwood Garland Green

    £6.99 excl. Vat
  • 6ft Artificial Christmas Eucalyptus Garland

    6ft Artificial Eucalyptus Garland – Christmas Decoration Garland

    £8.99 excl. Vat
  • jack-frost-iced-ivy-leaf-garland

    6ft Artificial Frosted Ivy Leaf Garland

    £10.99 excl. Vat
  • artificial-ivy-garland-green-leaves

    6ft Artificial Ivy Garland – Green Ivy Leaves

    £1.99 excl. Vat
  • 490-1

    6ft Artificial Philodendron Foliage Garland

    £8.99 excl. Vat
  • Artificial Pothos Garland Green

    6ft Artificial Pothos Leaf Garland – Green

    £5.99 excl. Vat

Is there anything more romantic than a thick trellis of intertwined, overhanging vines? Our selection of artificial climbers and flower garlands makes it easy to recreate this effect without years of careful gardening, training and pruning.

From long fronds of ivy in a range of styles; from variegated leaves to thick chain-linked garlands, to pretty 7ft apple garlands, decorative, summery hops and exotic philodendron garlands, our collection contains the rich and verdant foliage you need to create gorgeous arrangements and add real natural beauty to any space, from wedding reception areas to your dining room or patio.

Designed to look realistic and last over the long term, our artificial garlands don’t require any of the upkeep of real climbing flowers and foliage. Simply give each leaf a quick, occasional dust to keep your trailing creepers looking gorgeous.

Ideal for decking the halls come Christmas time, or giving summer events a leafy feel, our climbers and garlands are ready to order online with swift UK delivery.

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