7 Days Return Policy

7 Days Return Policy

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Quick Dispatch , Fast Delivery

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Give your loved one a beautiful send off. Whether their favourite blooms were elegant lilies or gorgeous orchids, our collection of single stem flowers and full flower arrangements for memorials and funerals have been made to last, using durable silks and materials. Order high quality artificial flowers, candles and grave vases to honour a special person’s memory online today.

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  • Artificial Flame Red Poppy Wreath

    Artificial Poppy Wreath – Flame Red Remembrance Flowers

    £4.99 excl. Vat
  • 334-1

    Grave Candle And Holder With Gold Top Burn Time 5 Days

    £3.99 excl. Vat
  • 290-1

    Memorial Grave Vase Spike Black – In Loving Memory

    £1.25 excl. Vat
  • 354-1

    Memorial Square Grave Vase Gold – In Loving Memory – Grave Vase Pots

    £8.99 excl. Vat
  • Artificial Flame Red Poppy Bouquet

    Poppy Flower Bouquet 9 Red Artificial Heads 43cm

    £2.99 excl. Vat
  • 333-2

    Red Grave Candle – Pack of 4 – Long Burning

    £3.99 excl. Vat
  • luxury-crem-pot-with-poinsettias-fuit-and-cones-red

    Artificial Red Poinsettia Memorial Vase Pot – Graveside

    £9.99 excl. Vat

It’s always hard saying goodbye. Our collection of memorial and funeral flower arrangement and single stems allow you to honour the memory of someone special with a small but beautiful gesture. Whether you’re planning to decorate the funeral venue in your loved one’s favourite flowers in order to throw a truly meaningful send off, or simply wish to pay your respects in an elegant or thoughtful way with a single, long-lasting bloom, our artificial flowers are the perfect choice at this difficult time.

From lovely lavender and festive Poinsettia, to exotic amaryllis, unusual anemones, sweet wild roses, hedgerow beauties, charming boughs of cherry blossom and delicate dahlias, you’ll find the ideal blooms to remember that special individual in the collection across our website.

Choose grave vases, candle and candle holders to present your remembrance durably and beautifully.

Are you struggling to find the perfect artificial blooms? We are always here to help. For more support or to discuss different options or designs, please feel free to contact our helpful support team on 01234 888789. With fast delivery, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and seven day return policy, we help you pick the perfect plants for this meaningful occasion.