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Christmas flower arrangements

We’re in the festive mood here at Shelf Edge and are thinking about this year’s Christmas flower arrangements. Christmas flower displays are some of our favourites to create, and we love trying out new ideas every year.

Our artificial Christmas flowers never disappoint. They look great year after year, but that doesn’t stop us treating ourselves to new materials. Take a look at some of the other products we’re really looking forward to using to bring a touch of seasonal magic into our home this year.

christmas decorations on a wooden background

Our top picks for Christmas flower arrangements

We absolutely love creating Christmas flower arrangements. Every year, we try using new materials and come up with something wonderful. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to using this year.

Mistletoe sprays

Who doesn’t want to remember that stolen moment with their special someone under the mistletoe? Using these mistletoe pick sprays in your arrangements this Christmas to give the gift of nostalgia. Or, hang them from your ceiling and make new memories this year!

Check them out. You can order your 3 pack for just £4.99 +VAT.

Luxury red hawberry garland

These gorgeous berries bring the season to life in your Christmas flower arrangements. They stand out against the greens and other flowers in your display. The hawberry garland adds a different texture to the arrangement that your guests will love.

Take a look at the berry garland and order yours for just £18.99 +VAT.

Robin picks

We’re really excited about these gorgeous robin picks this year and can’t wait to use them in our displays. This chirpy robin is going to look so sweet next to his pine cone and bright berries when we settle him among the other flowers in our display.

Get your robin picks today for just £0.99 +VAT.

garland waiting to be used in a Christmas flower arrangement

Holly bushes

Holly and Christmas go hand in hand and you’ll definitely want to include these picks in your arrangement this year. With variegated green leaves and red berries, this holly bush is the perfect addition to any display.

Take a look and order yours today for just £5.99 +VAT.

Yellow forsythia

We love bright yellow forsythia at this time of year. As the evenings get darker, the sunny colour of this gorgeous flower brings a splash of brightness into your home no matter what the weather is up to. Not a traditional Christmas flower, but it certainly looks great amongst the greens and reds of your display.

Take a look and order yours today for just £1.99 +VAT.

Christmas home decorations we love

It’s not all about the flowers at Christmas, there’s so much you can do to decorate your space this season. Here are some of our favourite decoration ideas.

Christmas garlands

We love a garland at Christmas! They instantly add a festive feel to any room with very little effort. Garlands are so versatile, they can hang from the wall, drape across a mantle or bannister or form part of a Christmas floral arrangement. You can use them indoor or outside too.

Christmas garlands come in a range of styles and sizes. You can browse our full range in the Christmas garland store, or take a look at our three favourites this year.

red berry garland with tree decorations resting on it

Red berry garland

The red berry garland captures the colours of Christmas. With the bright red of the berries nestled alongside the deep green leaves, this garland will look the part however you choose to display it.

It costs just £16.99 +VAT. Check it out.

Holly garlands

Holly garlands are some of our absolute favourites at Christmas. We’re super excited to see what these look like wrapped around the tree. These look just like the real plant but without the spikey leaves.

Take a look at the holly and berry garland and order yours for just £5.99 +VAT.

Frosted ivy garland

These ivy leaves bring a touch of seasonal spirit indoors with their frosted leaves. They’re perfect decoration for any winter event, and are ideal for a DIY Christmas wreath.

Take a look. The ivy garland costs just £10.99 +VAT.

Christmas in tartan

Tartan Christmas decorations are great for bringing a cosy feel into your home. There are lots of items to choose from to bring that warm, snuggly feeling into your space, including tartan hearts, stars and Christmas trees. They all hang so are ready made to sit on a tree or can be used to decorate other areas of your house.

If you’re dreaming of a tartan Christmas, you’ll also want to take a look at our tartan bows. They come in a set of 4 and the 13cm bows are the perfect addition to any tree, wall decoration or floral arrangement.

Order your tartan bows today for just £10.99 +VAT

hanging tartan Christmas decorations

Penguin decorations

There’s something really sweet about a penguin decoration at Christmas. We have some really lovely penguin figures that you can welcome into your home this year.

Take a look at our glittery penguin, the wooden tartan penguin with her baby figure, and our fluffy, flocked penguin decoration.

Red berry heart wreaths

This red berry heart wreath really is special. It’s the perfect addition to any rustic décor. It’s a luxurious heart shaped decoration that’s scattered with luscious red berries and green spruces. It comes complete with matching red string hook for ease of hanging and will look perfect year after year in your home.

Check it out. The heart wreath costs just £12.99 +VAT.

Christmas moss mats

Don’t forget to order your Christmas moss mats this year to compliment your displays! It’s the perfect canvas for your floral displays or Christmas scenes. Add an extra special touch this year to complete your decorations.

Order your Christmas moss mats today. Prices vary with size.

There are some really beautiful items you can use to decorate your home and in your Christmas flower arrangements. For the full Shelf Edge range, take a look at our Christmas shop. We hope you have a lovely season!
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