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Garden Galleries

Please take a look at our gallery of imagesfrom our garden to yours. 

Great Gardens 

artificial flowers sold online

Britain is renowned for having some truly beautiful great and grand gardens and no matter where you live, there are always gardens that are available to visit, or you could create your own great garden! 

Garden Photos 

artificial flower garden borders

Garden borders always look beautiful in the spring and summer, with all those lovely flowers in bloom, why not create the same effect all year round with some of our beautiful artificial flowers! 

Rooftop Gardens 

artificial plants

Roof gardens don’t need to be a drab empty space, they can be as beautiful as any garden and our artificial plants and flowers, don’t even need any upkeep, unlike real ones! We have lots of Artificial Foliage! 

Succulent Gardens 

artificial succulent plants

Cactus and succulent plants are becoming very popular, whether that is because it helps us dream of far off places that we would like to visit or just how different to natural British blooms they are, either way we have lovely artificial ones. 

Container Gardening 

large jug planters

Container gardens are becoming ever more popular, what with our busy lives, a lot of us want gardens that are easy to maintain, but what could be easier than artificial plants or flowers! 

DIY Projects 

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There is nothing more satisfying than having done something yourself and especially if that is something you can enjoy time and time again and hopefully some of our artificial plants and flowers or even our accessories will inspire you. 

Terrarium Gardening & Air Plants 

artificial succulent plants

Air plants are commonly used in terrarium gardens as they need very little maintenance, but if you fancy making a terrarium garden you can use any artificial plants, especially our Artificial Succulent Plants! 

Hanging Gardens 

artificial ivy and garlands

There is nothing more beautiful that a hanging garden, especially if you want to find a quiet place to hide away in, why not attach some of our artificial ivy or garlands to make your own hideaway! 

Floral Arrangements for All Seasons 

artificial flowers

Flowers brighten up any home or office, when they are fresh, but when you arrange them with other flowers they never all last as long as each other, but not with artificial flowers, they will all look beautiful for as long as you want! 

Cottage Gardens 

artificial lavender plants

I love the wildness that you can find in a true cottage garden, the flowers that are knee high and the beautiful blooms and the lavender is my favourite, which is why I always have artificial lavender in my kitchen! 

Water Gardens 

artificial fern

I could sit in a water garden for hours, they are so tranquil and especially watching the fish and the Japanese are renowned for their water gardens, so why not get inspired perhaps adding an artificial fern to your pond  

English Country Gardens 

artificial roses

Roses, roses and more roses, that is what I always think of when I think of English Country Gardens, the variety of colours you can have, I would fill my house with roses, but they bloom for such a short time, so why not try our artificial roses instead! 

Vegetable Gardens 

artificial fruit

I remember as a child my grandparents having a vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden, and always picking strawberries as soon as they were ripe and bowls full of fruit, to keep that memory alive, I have bowls of artificial fruit.