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Seasonal gift ideas for Mother’s Day

mothers-day-48957_1280To answer your first question: it’s the 11th March. Okay, now that’s out of the way, have you thought about a gift? Mums are a hardworking bunch – even when you’ve moved out, started your career, bought a property, had kids, and even retired, your mum will still check in to make sure you’re wearing enough layers.

A mother’s work is never done, and Mother’s Day is a time of year where you can express your appreciation for their ongoing labour of love via the medium of a well-chosen gift. As we move from winter into spring, picking something seasonal is a great way to say thanks, while marking the change of seasons and the beginning of longer, sunnier days.


Garlands are more than a decorative wreath, holding great symbolic meaning. They have been used in literature to represent wisdom and friendship, while in some cultures, garlands are used as a sign of respect, making them a great choice for a mother’s day gift.

Our variety of seasonal garlands are as realistic as the real thing, easy to bend and re-shape, and suitable for indoors or outdoors. With a variety of options, including hop leaves, red grape and olive, these garlands are a symbolic and attractive gift.



Morning glory trailing sprays

Popular across the world, morning glory flowers have been used in China for their medicinal properties for thousands of years. The morning glory’s strong growth and wide array of vibrant colours represents a mixture of tenacity and tenderness.

Our morning glory trailing sprays are perfect for hanging baskets, trellises, fillers, and other displays, clustering realistic flowers into an attractive hanging arrangement. Available in a variety of colours, including purple and yellow, morning glory trailing sprays are a great gift this mother’s day.



Another historic flower, tulips represent enduring love, with pink used to show love between family members, and purple symbolic of abundance and prosperity. Our pink and purple silk tulip posy is a perfect springtime gift to express your gratitude, and are sure to brighten up the home.

Easter egg wreath

Containing colourful eggs of yellow, orange and green, our easter egg wreath is an eggcelent centrepiece for any spring or Easter display. Complete with a cute chick nesting in the wreath, this is a cracking gift for an eggstatic Mother’s Day that can take pride of place year after year.


Often referred to as the Easter tree, Forsythia is a popular seasonal shrub that blossoms at springtime. Bringing together clusters of bright yellow flowers into three branches, our Forsythia is ideal for decorative floral arrangements, and can be easily cut to size making it a lovely addition to any Mother’s Day gift.

With spring around the corner, why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a seasonal-inspired gift? Show your appreciation for your hard-working mum, and get shopping now!

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