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Harvest flower arrangements

We’re saying goodbye to summer, not style! We’ve got lots of tips and tricks you can use to create beautiful harvest flower arrangements and autumn centrepieces to make the season spectacular.

harvest flower arrangement on a table

Our top tips for Harvest flower arrangements

There are so many beautiful things you can think about when you’re designing your Harvest flower arrangements. One of our favourite things to do at this time of year is to get creative with the stands for our displays.

Hollowing a pumpkin out and standing your oasis inside is a great way of adding an unusual shape and feel to your display. You can really complement the roundness of your pumpkin with your flowers or contrast it with sharp outlines and pointed leaves and trailing sprays.

A harvest basket also brings a seasonal touch to your arrangement, giving your display a feel of just being brought in from the garden. Using our flowers, your guests will have to look closely to twig that your arrangement is made of silk and plastic.

A milk jug or urn, depending on the size of your arrangement, can also bring a touch of the farm into your display. It’s simple and effective and is great for hiding your oasis in. You can get some real height with these displays for a wow-factor piece, or keep things neat and short with smaller flowers for cute autumn centrepieces.

What to include in Harvest flower arrangements

We’re not short of inspiration for our harvest flower arrangements. Take a look at some of our favourite leaves, flowers and decorations to use in our autumn centrepieces and displays.

Woodland garland

This artificial woodland garland is great for using in big displays or can hang solo across your walls to bring a touch of seasonal joy into your space. It has beautiful brown lotus heads, pine cones, dried leaf foliage and twigs all artistically arranged along a 1.8m wire.

We think this garland is perfect for adding some country charm to any display or home setting.

The garland costs just £11.99 +VAT. Check it out.

harvest flower arrangements and candle on a table

Artificial autumn maple leaf spray

Bring autumnal colours into your harvest flower arrangements with these maple leaves. Use a mixture of orange, yellow and brown leaf sprays to show the changing colours of the season and make your display look really natural.

The spray is approximately 68cm long with the leaves spreading across 4 different stems to add width and colour to your harvest arrangement.

The maple leaf spray only costs £2.50 +VAT. Order yours today.

Artificial Chinese lantern spray

This artificial Chinese lantern spray looks just as gorgeous as the real thing! The bright orange lanterns hang delicately from the long-branched stem and are the perfect addition to any harvest display.

If you’re looking for foliage with that little extra special something, make sure you order your Chinese lantern spray. They’re only £1.99 +VAT and will bring a touch of festive colour to your autumn centrepieces. Order yours now.

Artificial acorn pick

You can’t think of autumn without thinking about acorns, and they make the perfect addition to any autumnal floral display. With three oak leaves on each pick and gorgeous acorns with shimmery surface, these are a must.

Your acorns stand at 20cm tall and are really easy to position in your display thanks to their long stem. They cost just £8.99 excluding VAT. Don’t wait, order your pack now.

Artificial artichoke

An artificial artichoke is a great surprise edition to any harvest flower arrangement. Some of our favourite displays have carrots, squashes and artichokes sitting within the foliage. It reminds us about the hard farm work that’s gone into every meal we’ve had throughout the year.

Our artificial artichoke looks and feels incredibly realistic, but unlike the real vegetable, will never spoil. It’s around 13cm tall and includes a green stalk for added authenticity. One artichoke costs £3.99 +VAT. Get yours today.

Autumn is a beautiful season and your displays can capture it perfectly. Let us see your harvest flower arrangements by getting in touch and sending us a picture!

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